Nasal Swab Robot

The Autonomous Nasal Swab Collecting Robot 

The Nasal Swab Robot helps reduce staff-patient contact with highly infectious diseases at the point of testing by autonomously navigating and safely collecting patient samples. The robot automatically recognizes the patient’s facial structure and the precise nostrils location; it accurately locates the uppermost nasopharyngeal target position and gently collects specimens.

Large-scale testing is an essential solution to combat this pandemic, but it must be done safely and effectively. The robot can test around the clock doing the dangerous job, preventing cross-infection, and helping to open borders and reboot the economies safely.   

*Brain Navi Nasal Swab Robot is authorized by Taiwan FDA for COVID-19 related Manufacturing of Medical Device (similar to EUA) and CE mark in Class I according to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC .

*Brain Navi Nasal Swab Robot is n the process of the US FDA for Emergency Use Authorization

Our Mission

Save Lives

Our robot was developed to protect medical staff from getting infected so that they can be less exposed to danger, give them peace of mind to fight in critical situations and prevent medical system stress.

Normalize Lives​​

Allowing large-scale specimen collection safely in places like airports, borders, drive-ins, or medical institutions will help contain infections and reopening the economies and bring back to normal lives in the world.

Robotic Technology​

The “Brain Navi Nasal Swab Robot” uses some fundamental functions of our NaoTrac, an autonomous neurosurgical navigation robot. The Nasal Swab Robot’s robotic technology is equipped with machine vision, user-friendly intuitive interface, so the staff has a minimal learning curve to perform tests safely.

Facial Recognition​ ​

Personal Facial Recognition

Scan the facial structure to position the nostrils.

Nasopharynx Positioning

Customize Nasopharynx Pathway

From nose to the eardrop is the ideal length for entry into nasopharynx.

Auto Sample Collection

Zero Contact Automatically

Medical Staff is well-protected under 0 contact, still under their control.

Nasal Swab Robot Protection

Safety for staff and patients is the primary purpose of helping to prevent cross-infection with Nasal Swab Robot. The separated shield stand isolates patients from the medical staff, providing everyone a safe environment while collecting high infectious diseases samples.

Brain Navi Nasal Swab Robot Benefits

Save Medical Manpower

Within the assistance of Robot, it can be the behalf of the medical staff to proceed the swabbing.

Save Time

It takes 5 mins to proceed the swabbing and sterilization during the process.

Accurate Nasopharynx Position

It takes 5 mins to proceed the swabbing and sterilization during the process.

Release Psychological Pressure

Reduce the psychological pressure of medical health care workers in this highly infectious environment.

First Experience in Nasal Swab Robot

“People always fear new technology, especially in the medical domain, such as robots.” Explained by Dr. Jerry Chen. “I would like to be the first one to test the Nasal Swab Robot. I felt concerned once sitting on the chair; however, it turned out to be gentler than manual swab tests.” 

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