Brain Navi’s Successful Showcase and Clinical Expertise Highlighted at CNS Annual Meeting 2023

Washington D.C., September 13, 2023 

The prestigious CNS Annual Meeting, held in Washington D.C. from September 11 to 13, 2023, marked Brain Navi’s triumphant third participation in this esteemed event. The occasion not only provided a platform to showcase our pioneering technologies but also demonstrated our growing recognition within the neurosurgical community.

This year, Brain Navi had the distinct honor of inviting Dr. Jeng-Hong Guo to the CNS Congress exhibition, where he shared his invaluable clinical experience in Robot-assisted surgery for Intracranial Hemorrhage (ICH) applications. Dr. Guo’s presentation was further recognized by the CNS Congress, with his abstract being selected in the format of a Digital Poster.

Dr. Guo’s insights and expertise in the realm of Robot-assisted surgery for ICH applications garnered significant attention from neurosurgeons specializing in stroke treatment. Engaging discussions ensued, revolving around intricate surgical details and patient recovery experiences within the context of intracranial hemorrhage.

What’s more, Brain Navi’s presence at this year’s CNS Annual Meeting did not go unnoticed by neurosurgeons and medical professionals from around the world. Many distinguished attendees, including neurosurgeons from the United States, began to recognize NaoTrac’s contributions, inquiring about our current clinical experiences and FDA certification progress.

The booth attracted a diverse audience, including numerous medical professionals from Mexico, medical students, as well as doctors from USA, Asia, Europe and Africa, all eager to engage in discussions about our innovative solutions.

In particular, Brain Navi had the pleasure of hosting colleagues from various industry players who came to express their interest and support. Some offered valuable insights and recommendations for entering the U.S. market. They even brought neurosurgeons to the booth, introducing NaoTrac and KrystoLens as some of the most innovative they had encountered at the event.

The overwhelmingly positive response from attendees reaffirms their confidence in technology originating from Taiwan and has left Brain Navi deeply gratified. 

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