The First 3D Disposal Neuro-Endoscope

KrystoLens is the first 3D disposable neuro-endoscope with a wide-angle surgical working channel for cranial surgery visualizations. It’s designed for diagnosing therapeutic procedures like ventriculostomies, biopsies, removal of cysts, tumors, and other obstructions.

KrystoLens is still under development, will submit the FDA, TFDA and CE mark in the early 2023.

Sealed and sterilized with EO

Crystal clear working channel with Widest working view areas

Hands free design with plug and play installation to save time and space

Deploying with surgical robot for high precision surgery

Krystolens Endoscope / Sheath

Dual-lens designed to provide 3D view during endoscopic surgery. It includes an irrigation channel for rapid cleansing of the lens during the surgery for better visualization with unique working channel in 8.5mm x 4.7mm

KrystoLens Obturator

The obturator is to prevent the fenestra from body tissue damage while inserting sheath during brain surgery. The stainless steel rod is meant for mid-surgical C-arm / X-ray scanning.

KrystoLens TV Box

Ideal size of 140mm x 140mm to save space in the surgery room with a 3D compatibility ,and practical HDMI output

3D Display Capability

Recommended 43-inch 4K LCD Monitor from Innostar with medical level Monitor or Sony solution, and the other service package can be provided.

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