Brain Navi’s European Debut: Showcasing Innovation at EANS 2023 in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain.   September 29, 2023 

Brain Navi Biotechnology, a trailblazer in surgical navigation technology, has marked a significant milestone by showcasing its cutting-edge solutions: NaoTrac, the surgical navigation robot and the KrystoLens ,2D/3D Single-Use Neuro-Endoscope, for the first time in Europe at the prestigious EANS 2023 held in Barcelona, Spain. 

Stepping onto the international stage once again, Brain Navi Biotechnology completed its inaugural appearance at the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS) Annual Meeting in Barcelona last week. This endeavor not only exposed the team to diverse cultures and atmospheres but also unveiled the receptivity of European neurosurgeons towards embracing novel technologies. 

In Europe, interactions with neurosurgeons were more extensive, and they willingly invested more time in understanding and experiencing our innovative technologies. Over the pitch-deck of 3 days, Brain Navi’s presentations, delivered by our CEO and Dr. Stanley Chuang, generated tremendous attention and encouragement. Dr. Chuang, drawing parallels with the evolution of autopilot systems in aviation, elucidated the progress and inevitable trends in surgical navigation robotics. His presentations were characterized by clarity and precision, making complex concepts accessible to all. 

Furthermore, the most significant takeaway from this event was the substantial interest expressed by numerous distributors. Their proactive approach was evident as they sought collaborations and explored opportunities. Notably, potential collaborative partners and distributors even brought influential neurosurgeons from countries including Italy, Spain, Germany, Romania, India, and others to familiarize them with our groundbreaking technology.

A German neurosurgeon remarked, “Finally, something new at EANS this year!” This sentiment underscores the impact of Brain Navi’s innovations on the global stage. Brain Navi Biotechnology is honored to have made its European debut at EANS 2023, and we are committed to continuing our journey towards advancing neurosurgical excellence worldwide.


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