CNS Annual Meeting 2022 NaoTrac Brain Navi Cranial Stereotactic Navigation Robot

Big Traction of NaoTrac and KrystoLens in CNS Annual Meeting 2022 in San Francisco

This is the first international exhibition of Brain Navi after COVID-19, and it’s fascinating that the first CNS that we joined was in 2019, and again we went back to San Francisco again in 2022.
What is different about NaoTrac between 2019 and 2022 NaoTrac is a #CE-certified surgical robot and is also approved by Taiwan FDA. It is now in the Operation Room, assisting the neurosurgeons during the surgery. Thanks to Dr. Guo from China University Hosptial, sharing his precious experience of proceeding NaoTrac in several cases, such as ICH.

Besides NaoTrac, Brain Navi also announced the product launch of #Krystolens, it is the FIRST-EVER 3D naked eye Disposal Neuro-Endoscope on the market, which many well-known medical groups claim is the “game-changer” in the market. This time, the Brain Navi team is with the partners from Innostar Service inc., who is specialized in visual appearance on monitors. Many neurosurgeons were still not getting used to not having the “glasses” with 3D vision. This is a trend in the operation room, easing the burden of the neurosurgeon.

Every clinical case-sharing and product demonstration held in the booth was always gathered by the neurosurgeon and people.

Thanks so much for the support of the Brain Navi team, the Innostar team, and Dr. Guo.
Brain Navi is back in the market and we hope to see you soon at the 2023 CNS Annual Meeting in #Washition D.C.

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