Jerry Chen, the CEO of Brain Navi Biotechnology

High Precision Robotic Surgical Navigation Medical Devices – Jerry Chen, CEO at Brain Navi, interviewed by Surgical Robot Technology

Thanks to the interview arrangement by Surgical Robot Technology.

In this interview, Jerry (Chieh Hsiao) Chen, CEO at Brain Navi, discusses the company’s background, long-term goals, and the benefits of the NaoTrac Neurosurgical Navigation Robot.

The interview covers:-

0:13 – What inspired you to start this company, and what are your long-term goals for its growth and impact?

2:21 – Can you please tell us about Brain Navi?

3:48 – Tell us about NaoTrac and what is unique compared to existing solutions?

6:18 – What surgeries can be performed with NaoTrac?

9:23 – How do you see the current landscape of the healthcare industry, and how will Brain Navi make a significant impact?

11:00 – What does Brain Navi need to expand and achieve its goals?

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