Brain Navi Biotechnology joined Medical Japan Tokyo in 2021

Medical Japan TOKYO 2021 (Oct. 13- Oct. 15)

Show in Medical Japan Tokyo 2021, interviewed by Fuji TV and TBS News

Zero-Contact Medical Station designed by Brain Navi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. attended the Medical Japan Tokyo 2021. This is the interview by Fuji TV morning Session

Interviewed by TBS TV

Let’s see our booth decoration in Medical Japan Tokyo 2021. We really hope to move the full container in to the exhibition, and we hope next time we can do so. The one in the booth is the 100% same decoration of Zero-Contact Medical Station mockup. This also the mockup that we sent to Good Design Awards 2021 for the second run audition. This mockup will show in Taiwan Healthcare Expo 2021, welcome to our booth and join us to see how this Medical Station save lives! 

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