NaoTrac First Training Program with Dr. Osawa from Tohoku University

Brain Navi Biotechnology accomplished the first international surgeon training on NaoTrac Training Program. 
Thanks to the support and introduction of JETRO, Matsumura Consulting Inc., and some of the alliances from Japan. Brain Navi is honored to invite Dr. Osawa to come to join the NaoTrac Training Program in Taiwan. 
Dr. Osawa is an expertise in DBS, SEEG, and epilepsy treatment with more than 35 pieces of journals published from Tohoku University. 
After the long conversation with Dr. Osawa,  founded the uniqueness and specialty of NaoTrac and decided to accept our invitation, to learn more about NaoTrac, and evaluate the possibility in japan market. He wishes that with his training, NaoTrac has the opportunity to enter the Japanese market and work with surgeons together.
The NaoTrac Training Program included online training (fundamental understanding), offline training ( steps by steps hands-on operation), and visits to the clinical practice medical center and having professional and deep conversations with the professionals in neurosurgery. 
We visited China University Hospitals in Taichung and Hualien Tzu-Chi Medical Center. A greatly appreciate the support of both medical centers and witness the most beautiful and professional conversation between Japan and Taiwan. 
–  It’s the case of ICH in China University Hospitals. Traditionally, it takes a lot of experience and assumption of the surgeon, and also a CT scan during the surgery. With the frameless NaoTrac procedure, it takes minutes to make the navigation and positioning. Dr. Osawa was impressed by the speed, accuracy, and simple procedure of NaoTrac. It’s also spectacular to see the clinical experience exchange between Dr. Guo and Dr. Osawa.
– The second clinical case was from Dr. Chiu and took place in Hualien Tzu-Chi Medical Center. It’s the stem cell implantation for curing Spinocerebellar Atrophy. Traditionally, the patient needs to sit straight on the chair with the stereotactic head frame, and sometimes the frame would block the pathway of the treatment. It’s not easy to implant all the stem cells into the location because they usually would fly away. By using NaoTrac, the patient can implant the stem cell even with the “face down posture” so that every drop of Stem Cell can be inserted into the accurate position. 
Besides the astonishing experience mentioned above, the whole training program was visited by a well-reputation distributor from Japan. Learning more about the technology and receiving feedback from Dr. Osawa are the two main purposes of their joining. 
This was really a good experience learning about the Brain Navi team and it’s the first but not the last of the professional visit internationally. It’s going to happen soon. Please follow, like, and share our news. 
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