Revolutionizing Robotic Neurosurgery: Brain Navi at FLANC Southern Cone Congress 2023

Tarija, Bolivia, October 12-14, 2023 – The Southern Cone – FLANC Inter-meeting, organized by the Neurosurgery Society, took place in the enchanting city of Bolivia. The event featured over 110 presentations, showcasing the latest neurosurgical procedures, clinical cases, and discussions led by prominent Neurosurgeons across Latin America. Dr. Molina’s presentation on the “Future of Robotic Neurosurgery Technology” unveiled new possibilities in the field, including Dr. Guo’s innovative surgeries using the NaoTrac Robot from Brain Navi, marking Brain Navi’s debut in Latin America under the guidance of Nelson Farfan Espada.

The symposium was enriched by the participation of eight Presidents from various Latin American associations, emphasizing the commitment of the region’s neurosurgery community to advancing the field. The successful event highlighted the dedication of Latin American neurosurgeons to enhancing neurosurgical practices and fostering mutual growth and knowledge exchange. The congress also featured vibrant workshops and resident battles led by esteemed neurosurgery professors. 

FLANC (Federación Latinoamericana de Sociedades de Neurocirugia) serves since 1945 as a vital platform for collaboration and advancement in the field, with the Southern Cone countries, including Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, and Brazil, leading the host efforts under the guidance of the Southern Cone’s President, Dr. Marcelo Zenteno, and Dr. Martin Aliaga president of the Bolivian Neurosurgery association. 

Dr. Brain Navi’s CEO, Dr. Jerry Chen, stated, “We consistently invest in innovation and incorporate valuable feedback from neurosurgeons into our products. Expanding into Latin America is essential to Brain Navi’s global rollout”.


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