Spotlight on NaoTrac’s Success at the Taiwan Healthcare Expo: A Collaborative Venture with INTEL and Hualien Tzu-Chi Medical Center

The Taiwan Medical Healthcare Expo has come to the end. Brain Navi Biotechnology was selected as a partner by Intel and participated in a joint exhibition with other Intel partners. Intel organized speeches and numerous business discussions, for which we are deeply grateful. 

The Intel also facilitated the agenda for the “Taiwan-Japan Neurosurgery Medical New Technology Promotion Expert Meeting,” showcasing Brain Navi’s collaboration with Taiwan and Japan as a model for future exchanges between high-end surgical robot manufacture. 

 In these past few days, we also express our gratitude to our company’s partners who not only managed the exhibition, explored potential collaborations, but also worked overtime in the office and engaged in discussions and testing of new features with distinguished guests from Japan. Thank you all for your hard work!

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