Visit from the United States senators from State Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

A warm welcome to the United States Senate; the senators from State Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.
Thanks for visiting Brain Navi Biotechnology in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park, Taiwan. It was a pleasure to present our company and demo of the first “Autopilot Neurosurgical Navigation Robot”
Our primary goal is to assist surgeons in having an alternative neurosurgery assistant with higher precision for better patient outcomes and recovery. NaoTrac received numerous patents in technology and many innovation awards.
Big thanks to Ms. Chen from Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Houston, to arrange this excellent and impressive communication about Biotechnology in both Taiwan and the United States.
Also, our mystery guest, Ph.D. Andrea Hsu, the deputy Director-General of Hsinchu Science Park Bureau Ministry of Science and Technology and her research associate, May Hsiu also joined this grand event
Thanks again for visiting Brain Navi!

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