Brain Navi participates in Arab Health 2024 in January

Brain Navi is participating in Arab Health 2024, which will take place from Jan 29th to Feb 1st, 2024 at Dubai World Trade Center (Booth No. Z1.C54).


Robot-assisted surgeries provide precision and stability that are difficult to match by free-hand techniques, which would also allow surgeons to perform procedures safer than before. Brain Navi’s NaoTrac, the neurosurgical navigation robot, provides planning, navigation, and guidance support to neurosurgeons, and with its patented non-invasive registration technology, streamline the surgical workflow. Some of the applications that can be performed with NaoTrac include; ventriculostomy, biopsy, intracerebral hemorrhage, tumor ablation, DBS, stereo-EEG, and stem cell therapy.


“The Middle East is one of the key regions that we expect a high growth in our medical solutions. We are happy to demonstrate NaoTrac’s capabilities, and very much look forward to engaging with potential business partners” said Gokhan Zorlubas, Business Development Manager of Brain Navi. 


About Brain Navi:

Brain Navi Biotechnology, a leading Taiwanese surgical robotic company, specializes in designing and developing innovative navigation and robotic surgery technologies. Their proprietary Surface Mapping Auto-Registration Technology (SMART) represents a significant surgical breakthrough, integrating machine vision, robotics, and AI for streamlined surgical procedures and real-time imaging, ensuring minimal invasive outcomes. NaoTrac’s swift patient registration and automatic surgical instrument registration enable surgeons to plan trajectories effortlessly, and the robot ensures precise autonomous navigation toward the desired target.


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