Zero-Contact Medical Station

Why Do We Need a Zero-Contact Medical Station

Rapid RT-PCR

result under 30 minutes.

High sensitivity

to minimize false negatives  

Gold standard

nasopharynx swabbing.  


sample collection procedure
for better swabbing experience.

Medical grade

medical station to minimize
cross-infection between patients.


is essential for stopping
the spread of COVID-19 virus.

Book a PCR test at one of these hospitals

China Medical University Hsinchu Hospital

Medical Group Taoyuan Hospital

Hualien Tzu Chi Medical Center

Tungs Taichung metroharbor Hospital

Taichung China Medical University Hospital


Linkou Chang-Geng Memorial Hospital

International Hospital

Medical Grade Testing Station

  • 11 HEPA Filter
  • 22 UVC Disinfection
  • 33 Negative Pressure Rooms
  • 44 Glass Wall Separation
  • 55 High Standard Ventilation System
  • 66 Robotics Operating Highly Infectious Tasks
  • 77 Digital Certification Ensuring Authentic Reports

Solution to Travel Bubbles & Cross-Infection Risks

The New Normal of Testing

Robotic arm perform highly infectious tasks on behalf of the medical staff and lab technicians.

Testing subject and medical staff are in their isolated spaces, reducing the need of medical staff wearing personal protective equipment while swabbing or pipetting.

Consolidate registration, swab testing, lab testing and diagnosis in one medical station reducing the manpower and cost for administration and logistics.

Leveraging robotics technology to reduce the workload of medical staff and lab technicians to perform highly infectious tasks.

Nasal Swab Robot follows standardized swabbing procedure and consistently collects sufficient samples for an accurate PCR result

A seamless integration of the Nasal Swab Robot with any PCR diagnosis test (currently it is compatible with Roche’s Liat cobas device).

With the integration of Nasal Swab Robot and Roche Liat system, the station generates PCR results under 30 mins, suitable for large-scale testing.

One medical station is able to swab up to 100 testing subjects and generate a testing result for each person in an hour. This medical station is suitable for large-scale testing at big events or crowded places.

Customized nasopharynx depth and entry angle of each testing subject for a better swabbing experience, under medical staff’s control and surveillance.


  • Airport
  • Hospital
  • Company

Proven Technology


Diagnostic rate*


Avg. pain score out of 10*


Retreats from robot



The Nasal Swab Robot received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the Taiwan FDA. In progress on obtaining CE and US FDA


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