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Taiwan Healthcare Expo 2021 – Online Webinar

Join us at The Future of Robotic Surgery Live Demo

Brain Navi Biotechnology would like to invite you to a live demonstration of NaoTrac; We are privileged to have Prof. Dr. Lin (Shinn-Zong), a famous neurosurgeon and pioneer in robotic surgery. He will share his experience and view on the future of robotic surgery in the medical device industry. Dr. Chiu, the Chief neurosurgeon from the Hualien Tzu-Chi Hospital, will share the clinical cases and plan of the clinical trial of NaoTrac. The neurosurgical navigation robot received CE mark approval in Q2 2021.

Let's bring neurosurgery to the next level! 

We are looking for Neurosurgeons, Hospitals, Investors, Partners, supporters to our mission.

Best regards from the  Brain Navi Team.

Brain Navi Biotechnology Intro.

Brain Navi Biotechnology was founded in 2015 with headquarters and primary research and development centers in Taiwan, located in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park. Brain Navi’s focus is designing and developing medical devices that can assist surgeons during their medico-surgical interventions. The outstanding doctors, researchers, and developers in Taiwan combine technical and clinical application experience, creating demand-driven products. Our mission is to assist the surgeon in improving accuracy, streamlining the procedure, and shortening the learning curves. 

Let’s make the surgery precise, 

and make life bright, 


NaoTrac, the surgical navigation robot

NAoTrac, the surgical navigation robot, merges high-precision technology and the experience of surgeons to improve accuracy and outcome by streamlining surgical procedures and improving the learning curve equipped with AI, Machine Vision, and Robot-assisted surgery.  Fast and precise navigation with non-contact registration, pre-operating planning preparation, choosing the surgery pathway with 3D vision for precise anatomical location. The unique autonomous procedure allows the surgeon to plan and let NaoTrac act as his assistant. 

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